Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our first day together

February 12th 2009. T flies into the Austin Bergstorm Intl. Airport.

Oh man I can't tell you how nervous I was. I arrived at the airport probably an hour before his schedule landing because I didn't want to be late. I prayed and prayed that we could have the same relationship in person as we did via telephone.
I then saw him coming down the escalator. It was like light was shining down from the heaven's on to only him. ha ha I'm totally kidding. He did look amazing though! He had a gorgeous red rose in his hand and a backpack. We hugged, and went to the carousel to get his bag. He mentioned to me how he hates flying. So the fact that he flew over 3 hours to see me made it even that much more special.

I made him drive, I figured he'd like that. Being the man an all. So as we drove back to my parents house we talked and talked. Mostly about how amazing it was that he was actually there in person and it felt like we had always been around each other. Also, you could tell there was a bit of hesitation, like we were both a little nervous around each other. ;-)
6th Street.

We got to my house where my parents, oldest brother, his wife and 4 kids, then my younger brother were waiting. T was pretty nervous to meet everyone! Although he had known them when he was little. We ordered pizza, hung out and chatted with everyone. It was pretty casual. So after we spent time with the family catching up, T and I headed downtown to the famous 6th Street. We needed some alone time away from family!

(For those of you that aren't familiar with this famous street, it's in a way comparable to the Strip in Las Vegas. It has lots of live music, clubs, bars, restaurants etc. Oh and a great place to people watch! ha ha )

As we walked up and down 6th street, I, for some reason kept walking a few paces ahead of T. He would laugh and say how I was walking too fast. I just said "This is how I walk, so keep up!" with a giggle of course. (I was used to that quickly paced missionary walking) So after many attempts of T trying to get me to slow down, he finally (FINALLY) put his arm around me to hold me close to him. (I know, way cute, right? ha ha ) From that moment on we walked totally in-sync (as in we'd both step with our right foot, then left all simultaneously) and even the stop lights were in-sync with us (ha ha) the light would be green or turn green as we approached it. It was pretty cool. We ended up walking to the Capitol and I took him on a little tour inside to check out the beautiful architecture and how if we stood in a certain spot in the center of the building on a star, the acoustics were tweaked so we could whisper yet still hear each other as if they were standing right next to your ear. Pretty sweet!
Austin Capitol.

After the tour, we walked outside and found a bench to sit on. We sat and talked. Then we cuddled. And we had a really fun time just having our wonderful conversations yet in person. I accidently dropped my keys and T bent down to get them, yet so did I. So I ended up hitting him in the head. Whoops! After a couple hours of chatting on the bench we finally had our first kiss. Awwww. I know. I'm leaving it at that though. No more details! ha ha I don't kiss and tell. ;)

Afterwards, we headed back home and chatted some more and watched a movie. Then we called it a night to a perfect first day together.