Saturday, July 17, 2010

The preface (Because let's face it, we all need one)

For this story to really be tear jerking and sweet, I must start back before 2010, or even 2007 - before it all began.

Yes my dear readers, we must go back to the year 1990 when my dear family was moved to Birmingham, Alabama for my Dad's work. Interestingly enough, so was T's family. :) We happened to attend the same church. Both our Dad's became best of friends, they served together in the church. T's Dad was my brother's (and his own brother's) scout leader and spent a lot of time with them. Camp outs, meetings, activities etc. My older brothers were very close to T's older brother's, they would hang out a lot. (I have 4 older brothers, and two younger brothers, T has 4 older sisters and 2 older brothers)

Both our families lived and were friends in Birmingham until we moved away in 1993. My family moved on to Mesa, AZ for 3 years then off to Kaysville, UT for 7 years and are now settled in Austin, TX since 2001. T's family moved back to Southern California after we left.

Though T and I did not keep in touch during those many years that passed. Our father's did. They would contact each other every so often to get a family update. I remember the day my Dad came in and said that their youngest son T, was called to serve in the Birmingham, Alabama mission. (To serve in the same area where we met) I thought that was pretty cool!

Come January 5th 2009, I am curiously looking on Facebook for emails, friend requests etc. Then I see on my news feed that my Dad had just become friends with T and several of his siblings. I thought that was pretty cool since I had remembered their family since I was little. So, I added him. No harm done. ;)

To my surprise, he accepted my friend request instantly and we wrote on each others walls. "Hey! Long time no talk! What, it's been 15 years?! What's new?!" You know, the silly dumb stuff we write on EVERYONE'S walls when we first find them.

I see he's on Facebook chat, so I said hello. (Or did he first say something? I forget.) So we start chatting for a few min. (This is when I wish we could save our Facebook chat's!) Then T mentions that his internet connection is acting up and he better go. So he sent me his cell phone number and told me to hit him up sometime.

Well, let's be honest, it's rude not to let them know your number too, right? So I instantly text him and say "Hey! It's C, here's my number so you have it too! :)"
----I'm sooooo smooth. ;) I'm so smooth I'm pretty sure he thought it was nonchalant and thought I was being completely innocent and sweet. Little did he know, I was plotting our eternity with that simple text.

No I'm totally kidding. Yeah he was way cute in his pictures an all. But coming home from my mission I decided I needed to be a "grown-up" with this whole dating thing. I didn't want to get all excited over him and nothing come of it. ----

So we start texting. :) Hee hee! Then I had some things to do, and he said I should call him later. So I called him on my way home from FHE. That's where it all started. I heard his voice, I was hooked! He was chill, not pushy, very sweet, wanted to know about me etc. We hit it off and we talked till the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention we started texting again at like 6am the next day. There has never been one day that's gone by since January 5th, 2009 that we have not spoken. :)

This went on for a little over 4 weeks when I finally felt this strong desire to meet him in person. (Now remember readers, I was in Austin, TX and he in Las Vegas, NV so it's sort of far. ) So on Feb 5th, during our "Texting" I say to him "So when are you coming to see me in Austin?". It took me a min to hit the "send" button because I knew he would like to come out and I wanted to make sure I really did want him there. So I sent it. 2 min later he calls me with the cutest most excited voice ever!

"C! Are you serious? You really want me to come out to Austin?"

My reply "Um, yeah? Was that too forward??" *holds breath*

T says: "No way! I'd love to come out! I have wanted to come out for a while now but didn't want to be too pushy! *stops to think* Ok, tomorrow morning I am going to get online and book a flight to come see you NEXT WEEK during my days off"

My reply: *Thinks* "Oh my gosh oh my gosh is he for real? Ahhh! *big butterflies in stomach* This is so exciting and I have to remember to breathe!"
*Says aloud* Really?! Can you come that soon? Wont the tickets be expensive? We'd love to have you here! Let me know if it works out!"

Talon says: "Oh I don't care about how much it will be. I really want to see you soon! I'll make it work."

Ok, that did it for me. I let the excitement take over and from that day on I felt LOVE for him. I could feel a difference in the way we talked to each other. Our emotions were different and little did we know what was all about to go down.

Since this post is already a novel in itself, I am going to end this and we'll talk about the first weekend trip on the next post! Stay tuned!

(Sorry no photos- when I can I'll post some of us as little kiddos!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Before IT began

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young woman, who had dreams to fulfill. One being that to serve a mission for the ever so giving and loving, Heavenly Father. This lovely young woman was called to serve in the Chile Santiago North Mission reporting June 20th 2007 to the Provo, Utah MTC. (Missionary Training center)

This is where she was to
learn the language (Spanish) and etiquette's of being a missionary and servant of the Lord. It started here...

Two months of delicious food and long classes, she was finally acquainted with
wearing mostly
skirts, stockings and blouses. Oh and speaking random words in
Spanish which really, made no
sense whatsoever!
After those 2 months, it was time to leave. Say good bye to the infamous giant map at the
MTC and say hello to the "promised land" to which we were all called to serve.

Santiago, Chile of course! (For me, at least!

Ok this is on the outskirts of Santiago. This is actually the beautiful countryside of Colina. I wont go into many details of the mission, I'll save that for another blog! (Or post, I don't know if I can handle two separate blogs!)

Let me back up a bit, you know this lovely young woman of whom we are speaking? Well, as everyone knows, in every fairy tale, there's a handsome prince. Well, MY prince, or *ahem* this "lovely young woman's" prince has a history too. Let's catch up to his story and then we'll somehow compare the two.

T as well served a mission for the dear Heavenly Father. He served in Birmingham, Alabama back in 2003-2005. But since those years are a bit further
than we'd like to go, we'll skip forward to 2007 again. November 2007 T made a very courageous stand in dedicating his time and loyalty to the United States Air Force. So while I'm enjoying myself in the beautiful fields of Colina, Chile.
T is....well here. Check out his view.
Lackland, Texas AFB. Quite the view, eh?

Well that's Texas for you! (Besides Austin, ohhh Austin how I love thee. We'll get there some other time.)

So here is this lovely girl enjoying her 18 months in gorgeous Chile while her dear prince is working hard on becoming a dedicated Airman and serving his country.

Now, for this lovely young woman, it wasn't all play and no work! There was definitely a lot of work and that will be explained in further posts. As for T, well he definitely had his fun times too.

This lovely young woman returned home to her family awaiting her the 26th of November, 2008 in the beautiful Austin, Tx. Little did she know what soon was to unfold in her life.

T, after completing 6 months at Lackland AFB he was stationed at the just-as-hot if not hotter Las Vegas, NV. Little did HE know what would soon unfold near in his future...

May the posting continue!

To blog or not to blog...

I'm here to tell you it's TO BLOG! :)

I finally had my revelation and I now know, now is the time. So here is how it's going to work, like I said, I have a lot to catch up on and so I'm going to start back to before IT even started. Yes, before T and I even met.

So my dear friends, get ready to get to know the Mr. & the Mrs. before we became as such.