Monday, July 12, 2010

Before IT began

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young woman, who had dreams to fulfill. One being that to serve a mission for the ever so giving and loving, Heavenly Father. This lovely young woman was called to serve in the Chile Santiago North Mission reporting June 20th 2007 to the Provo, Utah MTC. (Missionary Training center)

This is where she was to
learn the language (Spanish) and etiquette's of being a missionary and servant of the Lord. It started here...

Two months of delicious food and long classes, she was finally acquainted with
wearing mostly
skirts, stockings and blouses. Oh and speaking random words in
Spanish which really, made no
sense whatsoever!
After those 2 months, it was time to leave. Say good bye to the infamous giant map at the
MTC and say hello to the "promised land" to which we were all called to serve.

Santiago, Chile of course! (For me, at least!

Ok this is on the outskirts of Santiago. This is actually the beautiful countryside of Colina. I wont go into many details of the mission, I'll save that for another blog! (Or post, I don't know if I can handle two separate blogs!)

Let me back up a bit, you know this lovely young woman of whom we are speaking? Well, as everyone knows, in every fairy tale, there's a handsome prince. Well, MY prince, or *ahem* this "lovely young woman's" prince has a history too. Let's catch up to his story and then we'll somehow compare the two.

T as well served a mission for the dear Heavenly Father. He served in Birmingham, Alabama back in 2003-2005. But since those years are a bit further
than we'd like to go, we'll skip forward to 2007 again. November 2007 T made a very courageous stand in dedicating his time and loyalty to the United States Air Force. So while I'm enjoying myself in the beautiful fields of Colina, Chile.
T is....well here. Check out his view.
Lackland, Texas AFB. Quite the view, eh?

Well that's Texas for you! (Besides Austin, ohhh Austin how I love thee. We'll get there some other time.)

So here is this lovely girl enjoying her 18 months in gorgeous Chile while her dear prince is working hard on becoming a dedicated Airman and serving his country.

Now, for this lovely young woman, it wasn't all play and no work! There was definitely a lot of work and that will be explained in further posts. As for T, well he definitely had his fun times too.

This lovely young woman returned home to her family awaiting her the 26th of November, 2008 in the beautiful Austin, Tx. Little did she know what soon was to unfold in her life.

T, after completing 6 months at Lackland AFB he was stationed at the just-as-hot if not hotter Las Vegas, NV. Little did HE know what would soon unfold near in his future...

May the posting continue!


  1. FINALLY!! A POST!! I'll be blog stalking you missy :) Glad to see you on the bandwagon!

  2. I'll add you to my blog list!
    cute story! love it! if you need help or anything, text or email me ;)

  3. Hurry up and post the next post! You can't leave me hanging like that!!!

    ps. glad your back!

  4. What a cute way to tell your story! I can't wait to read the next part either...I don't think I've ever heard how you met your husband!