Saturday, March 12, 2011

Engagement photos

Friday February 20th 2009

Because our wedding was only a mere 7 weeks away, we decided it was time to get things rolling! It was a perfect time to get our engagement photos out of the way. My amazing sister in-law, L, said that she would be happy to take them, edit them then have a friend print them. Thank goodness for L because if it weren't for her, we would have had a hard time finding anyone!

My younger brother wanted to take some pictures too, just for fun! Here are some fun, unedited, in the moment shots!
L told T to bite down so his jaw muscles would show. I was doing it instead in this picture! Lol!

Here, you can see T is actually doing it. Yes, good job, T! We praised him.

He obviously did not like the praising, so we all laughed as he made this face:

Oh he loves me so! One of my favorite pictures here!

We took some more photos on some rocks, they were a bit funny and this is one of my favorites.

Here are a few pictures that L took, edited and I love them!

Here is the photo that won our vote and was sent in the announcements/invites!

It was such a relief to know we had our photo picked and ready to go!

I.Love.You., "Marriage" & Meet me at the airport garage

After our fun little time alone at the theater, we decided to head back to our neighborhood. We wanted to still be alone since our time was so little and oh so very very precious.
We went to our neighborhood park, it was dark, beautiful, spring weather and we just sat on the picnic tables and reminisced our fabulous time together. It was seriously the perfect moment. I felt like we were in a movie. You know, as a little girl, you always dream having those little romantic moments like they do in the movies. Well, I had mine. As I leaned against the edge of the table, T stood in front of me holding my hands, looking into my eyes. We shared with each other how much we did not want him to leave. We shared our feelings, and came to a conclusion that we didn't care that we would be 2,000 miles apart. We would make this relationship work! (I swear, I kept looking around us to see if there was anyone filming us we were so gosh dang cute! It should have been a scene in a movie!) We decided that we would take turns flying out to see one another. That seemed like a great plan...

Until morning!

Saturday, February 14th, 2009.
We woke up, had breakfast, spent the time together cuddling and being in love. Then the dreaded moment arrived where I had to take him to the airport. We left a bit early so he wouldn't have to rush off inside. We parked the car in the garage and just sat and chatted. Not too much later and he leaned over, kissed me softly, looked me in my eyes and said those most 3 precious words every girl drools over. "I Love you, C." There was a pause. I responded. "I have been waiting a few days to hear that. I love you too!" Which was of course, followed by another sweet kiss.
It was so wonderful, to know, that we both had the same exact feelings for one another. It sure makes things a lot easier while dating! haha
It was a bit painful to see him go. But, we knew we'd see one another soon enough.

We of course continued to talk, when he got home that evening, and, then... Sunday arrived. I talked to him later that evening and told him that I made my mind up. "I'm going to move to Vegas", I told him. He was shocked, felt reluctant to let me say so. I told him, that we obviously wanted to be in a relationship, and it would be silly to spend all that money flying back and forth just to see each other for a few short days. I had nothing holding me back in Austin and all I knew and wanted was, to be with him. Simply put. He agreed and we began that hunt for finding me a place to live. We were joyous in figuring all of this out. You know, time was short. He was deploying later that year in July for 6 months. We wanted to make the best of what we had.

Then...Monday arrived. We spoke that evening on how much we cared for one another and that we couldn't wait to be together again. Somehow along our 4 hour length phone conversation we came to a point where, we were both hesitant. We always played this game where we'd ask "What are you thinking", where the person then has to respond exactly what they are thinking no matter what. Well, I asked T that question and he answered the following. "I'm just not sure. I don't want to scare you off. But, I believe that you might be thinking the same exact thing." I commented, "Yes...I think you might be right. Go on..." T says, "It starts with an 'M'"...*my heart starts being really fast, I feel butterflies soaring through ALL of my body* I respond, "Yes...??", he says, "Well C, I guess we just need to figure out if we get married when I return home from deployment or get married before".

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! He totally read my mind. My gosh, when I heard that, I just wanted to giggle/scream/laugh/jump for joy! Of course I wanted to marry him! I wanted to marry him the very next day!
Even though we had already spoken for SEVERAL hours on the phone, I just knew that it wasn't ending any time soon!
We started discussing details. Who do we tell right away? When do we plan it for? Where shall it be? Etc etc.
It was already around midnight, so I knew that if there was any one person that could help us figure it all out, it would be my Mother. I ran in her room to grab her, she hadn't been sleeping because she knew I was in love and she was just too happy for me! She came in, sat on my bed, and we put T on speaker. We told her we thought that April 11th would be a good date, but we wanted to make sure we would be able to plan a wedding by then. My Mother, I'll have you know, has put together beautiful weddings, partys, events, you name it, within a days notice! I knew she'd be the one to tackle this project. When we asked her, she said, "Are you kidding? Let's do it next week!" haha We already knew we wanted it in the SLC, Utah Temple.
We asked her to keep it "hush-hush" so we could tell everyone. T wanted to make sure to get my Dad's approval before though.

Thursday came around and my Mom and I went to get our hair done. That day, I had called and booked our slot at the Temple to get married. 11am April 11th, 2009. Finally, T was able to call my Dad and ask him. After my Dad said yes and gave him his blessing, my Dad asked when and where were we thinking. T hesitated and said, "Well, C actually booked the temple already and we're getting married April 11th" lol My Dad said, "Well, thanks for letting me know!"
Afterwards my Dad called me and said, "Hey, what are y'all doing in April? Because I want to take our family on a cruise. Say...April 11th? Nobody has plans right?" hahaha He's such a stinker! I told him he could still take us out on a cruise another day!

My Mom felt so bad that we were celebrating our love and engagement so far away. So we went home, she booked T a flight and he came out that very night to see me! You can imagine our joy as we met once again, at the airport garage.