Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby's first photo shoot


Let me begin this post by first, telling you that I have amazing friends. Friends that traveled an 8 hour round trip by car so they could spend a day with us the day after E was born. May I add, that my dear friend Ashley, is an amazing photographer, and offered to take pictures of us all on this happy and special occasion. I will forever be grateful for Ashley and her sweet and amazing gift she shared with us. Here you will enjoy many (and when I say many, I mean, A LOT!) of beautiful photos of that very intimate and precious day.

E's identity so the nurses would know who she was and who her parents were! As well as our room number.

E is already a Daddy's girl. Look at the way she snuggles into him!

I love her holding my finger.

Gotta love the hospital gowns!

Daddy getting used to holding her! I'd say he is quite the natural!

A collage of a bunch of photos of E with our great friends Matt and Ashley. (Aren't they beautiful people?!)

"No one else will ever know the strength of the love I have for you...after all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."

A few of the men in E's life...

Cutest little feet!

T has been so helpful since the very beginning.

Our little family!

Grammy with E. She came all the way from Texas to be there to help us a few weeks before E was born and stayed with us. Thank goodness for Grandma's!

She not only held us by her little fingers, but also by her toes.

THE greatest joy, finally holding her in my arms and being able to look at every little feature of this beautiful angel.

Some more of the guys. Don't mind T showing us how long his hair had grown since being on leave for a few weeks. He was quite proud of it. lol

Can't you tell she already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger!

A few photos of the little gal by herself.

"Hmm so this is what it feels like to have my legs stretched out..."

"...yeah I like it better with them close up to my body.."

Yours truly! Those who made these photos possible. T and myself for making the cute little girl, E, the starring role and Matt and Ashley who are gorgeous and are the ones who took the perfect pictures!