Sunday, August 28, 2011


Awwww, the long awaited trip almost every newlywed couple awaits. The Honeymoon! The morning after our wedding I was absolutely exhausted. When people say that weddings take everything out of ya, they weren't kidding. I didn't want the time to arrive to catch our flight. But alas, the time came. So I quickly pinned my bangs back and put a little mascara on and was ready to leave.

Our lovely hotel that we stayed at.

On our flight home to Las Vegas.

When T asked me where I wanted to go on our Honeymoon, it didn't take me long to decide. In fact, I could have picked anywhere in the world. Though I love the beach, deserted beautiful islands, big cities, etc...I did not hesitate one second with the infamous response....

"The Happiest Place On Earth! "DUH! :)

I mean, where else would the happiest couple on earth go?

After flying home on Sunday, we decided to spend the night in our new apartment and see T's parents as they made their drive back to LA.
Monday morning, bright and early we headed out the door and drove on our way to the happy ol' place!

Our hotel room. There awaited for us was a long stem red rose, an autographed photo of Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Mouse, ballons and of course, chocolates on our pillows! They upgraded us to a bigger room and handed us each a big ol' pin that said "Celebrating our honeymoon".

After unloading our things we couldn't wait any longer, so we strolled right on in to the park and rode some of our favorite rides.

We made sure to eat some yummy breakfast the next morning. I love my hot cocoa!

I must be a kid at heart because I was so amazed at the Lego Store! A life-size Giraffe, Darth Vader and other such things made completely out of Legos just blew my mind!

Before heading into the park we decided to do some shopping in the stores at Downtown Disney. We made sure to buy lots of treats, like their Carmel Apples! YUM! We bought some toys for the kiddos (nieces and nephews) and I was able to get a Mickey Sweatshirt. Love it!

Also that night we had made a painting that had our initials and the date with "Disneyland Honeymoon" in the corner. Our initials were created with Disney characters. Mine was made with Tinkerbell and T's was of Jack Sparrow. It turned out so cute!

During our trip we were sure to get a few of the "famous" picture taken in front of the castle. Funny, I swear the castle was a lot bigger back in the day...

We didn't take many other pictures during Disneyland. But here we are over at California Adventure in line for California Soaring. That was an amazing ride! Definitely worth the 3 hour wait.

The perfect ending picture to our trip at the Magical Kingdom.

After a few days at Disneyland we made our way over to T's parents house where we met them, and my parents and we had an open house/reception for those that knew T's family. Afterwards, all of us flew to Austin, Tx for the same reason. I will blog about that soon.

When we arrived back home to Las Vegas we treated ourselves to The Melting Pot.

Just goofing off as always!

Dinner was great, and we would have stayed for dessert but we were stuffed! So we went back a few days later. I mean, those coconut covered marshmallows were just screaming for me to dip them in some hot melted chocolate!

We just made sure to make ourselves homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Our Honeymoon truly was the happiest!