Sunday, March 11, 2012

The revolution of the blueberry pancake.

This is my first food blog post, well, ever.

I'm pretty excited about it. In fact, this blog was never suppose to be a food blog. It was suppose to be a "our story" blog. And well, as life changes, so does my blog. Ha! I can't promise when the next time I post about food will be, so enjoy it while you can. You should be happy I'm even blogging!

You'll be so happy with my choice of food though. Pancakes. Whipping cream. Fruit topping.

That's it.


If, perhaps, you can't eat wheat, you can substitute for a gluten-free pancake mix.  

 Yes, this is all you need to create a little slice of heaven in your mouth. Easy, right?

Here is what you get. (Yours may turn out prettier. I won't complain.)

Psst. Don't make fun of my photo skills! 

1. Simply make your pancakes.
2. Scoop a few spoonfuls of the fruit topping over pancake.
3. Whip-cream the edges as so. Or, if you're like me, fill in the entire pancake with the whipped cream!
4. Savor every bite. And help yourself to seconds. Or thirds.

Blueberry topping is my favorite. But you can choose the type of fruit that suits your taste buds best. Raspberry, strawberry, cherry etc

Like I said, it's very simple, and I promise you, it's delicious. When I made this, (this morning) I ate just this. But, when my mother in-law makes it, she serves it with bacon/sausage/eggs/orange juice. All I wanted today is the pancakes.

It's like, a revolution to the "blueberry pancake".

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

xoxo, C