Sunday, April 10, 2011

Road trip to California

After our fun get together in Vegas, T and I decided we would go visit the soon-to-be in-laws in southern California. His family welcomed us with open arms. Mom, Dad and sister T were all there! We had a very eventful weekend planned.

This is what it's like coming home to the P family.

Lots of excitement and tons of pictures documenting every second! Thanks to Mom P.

Quickly did I learn that Mom P makes sure to have TONS of food waiting for us upon arrival.But who doesn't love some 7-layer bean dip and chips?!
Excuse me for the closed eyes. You'll see plenty of pictures with my eyes closed! I can't help it!

After some delicious food and many hugs and excitement, we all went to the family room to discuss some more wedding plans, we talked about what food we wanted served, who would be invited to the night-before family party. Of course, we included many of these comments, "I just can't believe that YOU TWO are getting married. I would never have guessed in a million years that my son would marry my best friends daughter!" Dad P. sure was/is thrilled about that. Still, to this day, does he mention it at least once during our visits. I sure love my in-laws!

T and I were exhausted, one by one we fell asleep during our late conversations with the family.

The next morning we had breakfast all ready and all who was missing was T. So sister T and I ran upstairs to wake up the sleepy head! (All kids in the P family begin with T, so it's a bit confusing!) He is not an easy person to wake up!

That morning we had the missionaries from the church over to eat breakfast because one of the Elders was leaving for their home. 2 years finished!

Because we had decided to have an open house in southern California for those that couldn't make it to the one in Utah, we had a lot of yard work to do to get it looking pretty! So T, Mom and I had a lot of work to do while Dad and sister T had work to attend to.

I worked on the gardening while T worked on trimming the bushes.

Also during this trip it happened to be my birthday. There is a family tradition in the P family. Birthday person gets a birthday breakfast, everyone gets a hostess cupcake and we all hold our hands/fingers up displaying just how many years old they are!

Oh T and his many faces! It sure was a blast and the best 23rd birthday!

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