Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh, the places you'll go!


It's so interesting, isn't it?
 It seems to present itself different, yet the same in some ways every day. Marriage, seems to bring up new possibilities each day. With new thoughts and ideas of where to live and what to do with our future, as well as how we should handle the daily functions, new ways of organization, fun things to do with the kids, etc etc. Life never gets old, nor does it seem to stay the same. This is exciting, and this is an adventure! So, life is an adventure, and our family is about to start a new one here soon.

  As many or all of you know, Talon joined the Air Force in November 2007. He was stationed out here in Las Vegas, NV and has worked at both air bases located about 50 miles or so apart from each other.  Since being married in 2009, we have had many big adventures come along our way, which we have been so grateful for. Here is a list of the few bigger milestones we have shared together. 

1. Married in April 2009.
Exiting the SLC temple moments after being sealed!

2. Talon deployed to Iraq July 2009-Jan 2010.

Talon in Iraq. Resembles Las Vegas, NV. Am I right? ha! 
3. I found out I was pregnant with Emery in April 2010.
October 2010. Maternity shoot in CA with my best friend Ashley. 

4. Bought our first house in Nov 2010.

5. Emery was born in Dec 2010.

6. Found out I was pregnant in Aug 2012.

How sweet is her hand?! April 2013. 

7. Talon put on Staff Sargent in the Air Force in Dec 2012.

At his ALS graduation. October 2013. 

8. Talon completed his associates degree online in May 2013. ( photo yet!) 

9. Ella was born in May 2013. In our home. By emergency. Read about that here

In the ambulance getting ready to head to the hospital, holding Ella. 

Emery meeting Ella for the first time. 

In the past 4 years and few months of marriage, we have had some pretty exciting things happen. We have called Las Vegas our home this entire time. We have loved it here. I never thought that I would ever say I "love Las Vegas". Or that I would ever call it "home". We have loved our ward and friends out here. There was a time where I couldn't wait to leave, a time where I never thought I would, where I never wanted to, and now, I'm sad to say, we are leaving.

Remember how I said that life gives new possibilities each day and we are given thoughts of new ideas on where to live, what to do with our future? Let me just say, there has been a LOT of that in the past year. And even more so in the past few months and weeks.

We have gone back and forth many times on whether or not Talon should re-enlist in the Air Force, change careers in the Air Force or go Reserves. We talked about that for the 4 years we were married. Then, about a year ago, he felt that finishing his schooling was the best option and to go for his bachelors. We both felt right about it. For the past year, we have been planning on him attending a university in Southern California. He would be out of the Air Force come November of this year, and we would live with his parents to save on money, he would do school full-time and work part-time, and I would get a nanny job so I could keep the girls with me. It seemed perfect. We were all very excited about it!

Then, a month ago, Talon was TDY to San Antonio, Tx for 7-level training and while he was there, he came in contact with a buddy from boot camp. He had messaged Talon to see how life was etc. Talon called me and explained to me about what his buddy was up to and how it was interesting to Talon. We looked into it, felt very good about it, have pursued this and now, after much prayer, discussion and tweaking things here and there...We are sure on what we are going to do. And we are moving forward with it. We are confident all will work out, but as we know (quite well, actually. Haha), plans can always change or just not work out. So, my dear friends and family. Take a peek into our new and exciting plans!
We are moving to a place that knows all four seasons, has "the greatest snow on earth", was the location for the 2002 winter olympics. Talon and I were both married there, almost all of my family live there....have y'all not guess yet?! Fine, I'll tell you...

(photo curtesy of google) 

 Talon will be attending UpperLimit Aviation to become a helicopter pilot. (!!!) Thankfully, the G.I. Bill will cover all of schooling, which will total well over $100,000! There is no way we would be able to afford this if it weren't for Talon being in the Air Force. Such a blessing! Talon is going to be very busy with pilot's school as well as attending full-time credits at a college there in SLC. He will also be getting a part-time job somewhere. (TBD) 

Talon is scheduled to be done with work sometime in the end of September. We have our house almost all packed up, on the market right now and hopefully going to sell soon! We are sad to leave, but so, so excited to start a new chapter in our life. We have created many friendships here and we have been so blessed in our time here. We are looking forward to being with friends who we have known a long time, and with some of my family as well. It's going to be an adventure!

I'm sure you'll be seeing many more photos something like this in the near future...

August 2013- Second time up in the helicopter to see if it interests Talon. It did. Obviously.

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  1. SOOOOO excited for you guys to be closer!!! Weekly kneaders dates? I think yes. Fun to read about each of your adventures. You guys are an amazing family + we sure admire you! XXOO