Thursday, October 7, 2010

And so the pregnancy journey continues...

I was doing pretty good as far as feeling great up until about week 6/7. Exhaustion, no appetite, throwing up, nausea, more exhaustion, and so forth. I thought it would never end.

Yet, it did. About week 18 is when things started calming down and week 20 I started feeling like a normal human being. Thank goodness! I felt so bad for T because I'd come home from work and just be so sick and tired. Thank goodness he has been the biggest sweetheart in the world and has taken care of the things I haven't, plus some.

Usually, at the hospital we go to, we weren't suppose to find out the sex of the baby until our sonogram at week 20. Yet, we cheated. We paid to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done. Best $80 we spent! It really brought things into perspective as we could see her. I didn't believe it. I asked the lady if they were just playing a video feed of someone's baby and pretending it was mine. She said "shake your belly", so I did. The picture went all wobbly and shaky. Well, I guess it's real then! We were told that this company has a policy that if they are wrong with the gender they will refund in full. They are pretty confident in their skills.
It was pretty funny because T asked the lady not to blurt out what the gender was, he wanted to be prepared. So when the lady found the perfect view, she had us guess. T says "That's definitely a boy right there. I can see it." I didn't want to say anything! lol I didn't want to be wrong! haha So, as we all know now, the baby is a girl! We were so excited! I felt assured because all along I felt like the baby was a girl but was nervous to say anything because I didn't want my "motherly instincts" to be wrong that soon! lol

Another funny story, when we went to the hospital and they did our sonogram, she said she wasn't "sure" if the baby was a boy or girl. Therefore, I am even more grateful we paid for an u/s to have a guaranteed answer! We have had another 3D/4D ultrasound that reconfirmed our baby is indeed a girl!

Since the very beginning I have been so anxious to start showing. I thought at week 16 that I was showing for sure. I look back at that photo and laugh, because I still look tiny as ever. You can imagine my excitement when I started getting random strangers saying "Oh, so how far along are you?" "Is it a boy or girl?" etc. I beamed knowing people could tell I was pregnant. Although those comments didn't start coming till about week 24, I didn't care. It was all worth the wait.

Oh! As I began to feel movements in my belly, T and I decided we wanted to buy a doppler (For those of you who don't know, a doppler is used to hear the baby's heartbeat.) , so we found one on amazon and were so excited to use it! It was a great way for us to connect to the baby and for T to have a part of this time of the baby's growth. Just today, we tried an experiment. T laid his ear on my belly and heard my heart beat, then he moved a little and could hear a heart beat significantly faster than mine. Then this cute little girl started kicking him in the head. :)

This whole pregnancy has been so amazing. Week by week it's incredible to think there's a little human growing in my body. I love this little girl more than I can express. It's so wonderful feeling her little body inside of mine, she'll kick out, push out, and I can feel different body parts. It's seriously a miracle. I never take one moment for granted. I thank our Heavenly Father every chance I remember for this little miracle.

I can't believe I am 30 weeks pregnant already! I have less than 10 weeks before she will be here. We can't wait. We have decided on a first name, and are pretty sure on the middle, but it's possible we might change it. So as of right now, her name is E.

I am going to include some photos. I'll share some belly photos and a few of the ultrasounds. I hope you enjoy!
16 weeks 18 weeks 2 days

19 weeks 2 days 20 weeks 1 day
21 weeks 2 days 22 weeks 1 days
23 weeks 2 days 24 weeks
27 weeks 28 weeks 30 weeks

E at 18 weeks E at 26 weeks 3 days


  1. Carolyn, You probably think I'm stalking you... well... Jk JK

    I love your belly pics! I can't wait til I really start to show too! So glad you posted them! Emery is one of the cutest names I have ever heard for a baby girl! I can't wait for you to meet her!

  2. Yes! Hooray for blogging a lot!

    You are beautiful and Emery is beautiful and I love you both!!! Also, I have the rest of your maternity pictures ready to send via Skype whenever we're both free :-)