Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Changing things up a bit...

I decided that I need to make a post about our little one that is on her way! Because I have been so focused on making this blog start from the beginning of "our" time, I have been slacking and before I know it the baby will have come and I might forget some very important details.

So, if you don't mind, I am going to make this post and dedicate it to our baby girl we are so patiently waiting for.

T came home from Iraq January 31st 2010. After 6 months of being separated I think it's fair to say that being together again was one of the most incredible feelings. I never want to have to go through a deployment again, however, I am sure we will and at that time I will put on my BGP's (Big Girl Panties) and get my game face on. Until then, we will just enjoy our lives together each and every moment.

At this time when T came home we set up our place and were just looking forward to living life. Then an opportunity came up for T at work. If he were to take this year long commitment (with some not so great circumstances) that he would be un-deployable and would be made sure to be home at least a full year before even being considered to deploy. (If he didn't take this job offer, he could have deployed 6 months after being home.)

After he accepted the opportunity we began to think. We had discussed having a baby before but we both had felt in the past that we didn't want T to miss out on the whole experience of the pregnancy and possible birth of the baby so we were putting that off till it seemed right. We told family and friends that we weren't going to have a baby for at least 4 years. :) (Oh you know how excited people get when a couple get married. "When are you having a baby?!" "Are you pregnant yet?!" etc)

We then realized what a great time it would be to have a baby. A FULL year home??? If we were lucky enough to get pregnant right away then he would be able to be around for the full 9 month pregnancy, birth and at least the first few months of baby's life. It sounded great! But we were still iffy about it. So we took it to the Lord. We prayed and prayed then fasted some to receive an answer if we were to have a baby. Then we decided that "hey, if there is a baby ready to come RIGHT NOW, then we will get pregnant." So we took that faith and went with it.

I'm sure that every couple has felt the same emotion as we did as we were attempting the whole "getting pregnant". The timing, anticipation and worry that comes with it all. I began to realize the reality of "what if we can't conceive?" That began to really scare me, worry me to the point that I was afraid to try. After discussions with T, I realized that it was all in the Lord's hands and if it happened to be that I couldn't conceive or would have a miscarriage, it was all because the Lord had it planned that way and we would then go with different options. T is very good about keeping me in the "now" and not letting me get ahead of the situation, or myself.

April 7th 2010, T had just left that morning to go to work. After he left I started to realize that it was about time I could take a pregnancy test. So after much debating, I decided to take the test. (Lesson learned, probably should wait for when your spouse is home to do these sorts of things. But I was so nervous of it being negative that I didn't want to be disappointed WITH T being there.) I about hyperventilated as I waited those few minutes for the results. As you can guess, it was positive! I jumped up and down! I was thrilled! I quickly came up with an idea on how to tell T. I decided I'd go up to his work that night (at this time he was staying the night up at work) with some dinner, sparkling apple cider and cute glasses. I drove the hour up there and he was so confused why I was there. lol So I broke the news to him and this is how it went:

Me: *Pulls out sparkling apple cider and glasses that were hidden in the back seat*
"Alright babe, it's time to celebrate!"
T: *Confused look on face* "Celebrate what? Our anniversary? It's not for another 4 days..."
Me: *smiles* "No, silly.....because we're going to have a baby! I'm pregnant!"
T: *even MORE confused look on face* "You're not pregnant."
Me: *laughs* "Yes baby, I am. I took the test this morning"

It took a bit convincing and I even took the test to show him. lol Needless to say we were thrilled and it was quite a change to our emotions that night.

I guess-ti-mated my due date to December 14th. So at my 11 weeks mark I had an appointment out on base. We were able to have an ultrasound and to hear the baby's heart beat. Heart beat was strong and at 160. Here is a picture of the cute little bean as we called it.

There it is. So tiny and precious. You can see a little head, body, legs and arms. It was a start to an amazing journey.


  1. so cute!!!! congrats! i love the story!

  2. Love the story of how baby girl came to be! So excited for the two of you. Let's get together again soon. xo

  3. Loved hearing about the adventure of your sweet little girl! Can't wait to meet her. Love you Carolyn.

  4. What a cute story!!! :) Bet you can't wait to meet that sweet little girl!! :P