Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The day an Angel was born

This post is a very special one. I hold it very close to my heart. This story, is about the painful journey that led to the most beautiful, magical and memorable moment of my life.

This, is the story of how little Emery came into this world.

December 13th, 2010

5:00pm I remember looking at the time and felt cramping pains. I didn't think much of it because I didn't want to get my hopes up. So I went about my night like nothing different. Every 20 min I'd feel cramping. Was this it? Was I feeling contractions?

11:00pm The contractions grew stronger and stronger, more painful, where I couldn't sleep. I was getting them every 10 min. I still hadn't told my Mom nor T. I just silently went downstairs and laid on the couch trying to sleep in between contractions. I was told that I wouldn't need to go in to the hospital until my contractions were every 3-5min apart for a complete 2 hours. So I was just keeping track of them.

6:00am Tuesday December 14th My contractions grew to every 5mins. Then at 7:00am I was having them ever 2-4 min. I had already showered and told my Mom and T. Then we hopped in the car and called the labor and delivery.

I got up to L&D and checked in. They asked me why I was there. I said, "Um...well, I think I'm having my baby" They asked me when my due date was and I told them it was that day. They were all confused. Apparently babies don't usually come exactly on their due date.

I was told that they would check me. I had to be at a 4 in order to be admitted and be considered "in labor". What the heck?! I had been having extremely painful contractions for hours now. They checked me, I was only at a 2. They told me to put my walking shoes on and to go for an hour walk. T came with me, we were walking around the general area of the hospital. I had to stop every 2 min to breathe through the pain. We made it back up to the room and they checked me, the blessed doctor said I was a 3, small 4. And said she could feel the hair on Emery's head. She then popped my water then said those heavenly words, "Well, you're staying! She's staying." YES!

So, I put on my gown, got all hooked up to all the crazy machines. Was first given my IV with antibiotics (I had tested positive for Strep B, so once my water broke, they had to hook me up with them so it wouldn't hurt E) then with pitocin.

This is the happy me, in between contractions.

Then as the contractions started again, I'd tell T to hurry and be by my side.

Oh, they were so painful! But then of course, I'd have maybe a minute or two of rest. And I'd be happy again. By this point, I started getting so cold! I asked for warm blankets. I think my body was sort of having a panic attack.

Then those blasted contractions would start again. I recall telling T, "Babe, I just can't do this anymore. It's so horrible." I was crying. T cried with me and would tell me over and over again how I was doing so well and that he wished he could take the pain away.

Finally, around 2:00pm (mind you, I got admitted at noon) they said they could start getting the epidural ready. It couldn't come fast enough! Let me tell you, getting a gigantic needle in your back while trying to breathe through contractions every min, is way difficult! The lady that was doing the epidural wasn't very nice. That's my only complaint out of my entire experience at the hospital. She only got it to work on one side! So then I was feeling concentrated pain on my left side. Ugh. It was awful. Finally, the real anesthesiologist came and was able to fix it so it distributed evenly.

My gosh, did that make a difference! Life was grand and heavenly afterwards! They told me to rest up. I was only at a 5cm at that point, so I still had time to rest before pushing. They said they would come check in on me an hour later. That would be 6pm. I tried to rest. Well, I did my best. It felt so nice not to feel the contractions anymore. T left to go get food with his brother and friend. They came back and said hello for a few min.

6:00pm the nurse came in to check me. Believe it or not, I was 10cm dilated and 100% effaced. For those of you that don't know, that means it's time to push. Everything was ready to go. I couldn't believe it. I had progressed that quickly so fast.

The nurse had me do some "practice" pushing with her. I thought that it meant to just push a few times so I would get the hang of it. No, it really meant that I would push until E was in position to be pushed OUT. haha T's brother was in the room experiencing all of this with myself, T and my Mom. T really wanted his brother there to experience this. By the time he asked me if it was okay, I didn't care because I just wanted E out! haha So, Tuhk (T's brother) stayed behind the bed where he couldn't see anything. I, of course, couldn't have a mirror like I wanted because that would make everything viewable to Tuhk. So, the doctor let me reach down and feel Emery's head as it was starting to crown. I was in love. Finally feeling her little flesh made it all so worth it. I was even more determined to push as hard as ever and for however long to get her out.

I'll spare you from any gruesome photos.

As soon as they got her out and T cut the cord, they handed her directly to me. I finally got to hold my baby! My precious little angel who I had thought about for years and years. The one I talked to and felt kick and do flips in my tummy for 9 months. My baby girl. My precious precious girl.

Daddy is so proud.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

7lbs 12oz 20inches long.

She did not like getting those eye drops!

Daddy gets to hold her for the first time!

Proud Uncle Tuhk!

I was in awe just staring at her. She was so happy and calm with me.

After the epidural wore off, I was able to walk to the recovery room. She got to stay the night with us.

T and I took turns holding her while the other slept. I didn't want her to sleep all by herself. I mean, she was so used to being with me for so long. It broke my heart to just have her sleep alone.

After getting her vitals taken. She's so peaceful!


  1. I can't believe you let Tuhk in the room!!!!! hahaha Was he the one taking all the pics? What a beautiful story! yay for baby Emery!

  2. Girl, I loved your birth story! it sounds like it went without a hitch!
    I absolutely loved that you decided to make sure you sleep hold the baby through the first night and take turns. That's not something I've thought about doing, but it totally makes sense, since I plan on co-sleeping, then it's even more important to hold the baby and let him/her sleep on your chest in the hospital.

    Also I have a question: do you know why they started you on pit immidiately even before they gave you an epidural. Theoretically, they should give you an epidural and then if the labor stalls afterwards, give you pitocin.

  3. @Shannon, Yeah T really wanted him in there because he wanted him to have that experience. He did take most of the pictures. My Mom took some as well!

    @Elena, Thank you! Yeah it seemed to go pretty well. I couldn't even dream of letting her sleep alone! Our hospital was very stern about not co-sleeping though. Since they came and checked on us to take vitals and what not in the middle of the night, I didn't want to get caught! haha So T would stay awake and hold her while I slept then we'd switch after a few hours. It's lovely holding a newborn!

    I had tested positive for Strep B (, so because my water had broken, they needed to first get me on the antibiotic to protect Emery from possible bacteria. They put me on pitocin shortly after because they wanted to speed up the process. I was still at a 3 after HOURS of contractions. The pit helped speed things along. I wasn't allowed to have an epidural until I was 4cm. My gosh, if you have the choice to wait and get pit, wait! Because some can feel a burning sensation in their arm. Let me tell you, with all the pain from the contractions, pain in the arm is not welcome! haha

  4. lol I know. Every.single.time. I go back and read this I cry. Believe me, it's worth all the tears. It's THE MOST beautiful experience ever. Even the contractions were worth it. But the epidural was even more worth it. haha!