Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now to the HAPPY day!

Though my morning started off bad, T was right. It was all going to be better. (Why it was a bad morning) Thank goodness too! I was so pleased to see everyone we had invited to the Temple show up. It was so beautiful and touching looking around the room being surrounded by all our family and friends.

The Temple Sealing was beautiful. It's an amazing feeling, the bond between husband and wife. And given the promise that if we live righteously and do what Heavenly Father has asked of us, we will be together forever, literally. Wow. I am sure glad I picked someone amazing!

After the sealing, T and I finished getting ready to take pictures. Well, more like, I had to retouch everything from crying during the ceremony! As we were inside, everyone else was waiting outside for us to make our grand entrance! Or rather, exit! lol

Then we finally made our exit through the doors they anticipated on. It was so fun seeing everyone out there celebrating with us on our beautiful day!
Everyone wanted to see my red heels, so I showed them off. Then my brother's teased T to show his shoes off too.

I love this man so much. I truly am so grateful to be married to him.
How did I get so lucky?

Then we greeted and hugged everyone. It sure felt nice to feel the love.

Then it was time to take pictures! Everyone who was there to celebrate and then just both sides of the immediate families.

It was then T's turn to take pictures with all the bridesmaids. T's brother wanted in on the fun!

Here is the groom and all the groomsmen. T's brother is in the red tie, whereas all but one of my brothers are there too.

Just me with my gorgeous bridesmaids!

We figured it was time to take shots with the kiddos. My niece and nephews. Unfortunately my other niece wasn't there at this time. You'll see some with her in other photos.

Here I am with my brothers (remember one was in Peru!), they wanted to lift me and I started laughing so hard that I...excuse me for TMI, but I swear I almost peed myself! lol We were laughing so hard, as you can tell! We couldn't get a good shot.

T with his gorgeous sisters and his studly brother.

It was then time to take photos with our amazing parents whom we love so very much!

Now starts the photos of just T and myself on the grounds of the SLC, Utah Temple.

Isn't the Temple just breathtaking?

Then it was time to re-freshen up for the luncheon!


  1. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! The temple is breathtaking!
    And I adore the colors- the soft green is great!

  2. Thanks girly! We pulled it together pretty quickly but we're grateful it turned out great! Yes, the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple is one of my favorites!