Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy day...???

You would think that every bride wakes up in the morning feeling rather beautiful, refreshed and uber excited for her big day, you would think so.

Here are a few DON'T's on what NOT to do the day/night before the wedding. For, I tell you this, from personal experience.

#1. Do not go tanning at the salon for the same amount of minutes you would had you been going regularly the day before your wedding. This will result to burning and redness all over your body.

#2. Do not use any new product on your entire body without testing it on a smaller part of your body first. This may result in intense pain and rash. Especially after doing #1.

#3. Do not stay up late.

#4. Do not panic

So. Here's my story to explain all of the above.

#1. As I previously mentioned that the day before our wedding us girls went out for a bit that day. Well, one of the things we did was tanning. I hadn't been tanning for about 2 years and thought it would be a great idea to get a little bronze before the big day. Yeah, for some reason I thought my skin could handle 8 min in the highest level of tanning beds, because! that is what I did when I tanned back in the day. BIG mistake.
I was hurting all afternoon into the night. All night to be exact.

#2. You know how you want to have fresh shaven legs for your big day? Well, duh, I did too. See, what I thought would be a great idea is wait until the day before to do one of those hair removals that you rub in this type of lotion that eats at the hair then use a razor-less razor (I don't know any other way to explain it) to wipe the hairs away.
Here's a story you will laugh about for ever. So, some time in the day after tanning, I was in the bathroom applying this cream to both of my legs. Mind you, I had the door closed. So as I'm sitting there suffocating myself due to the fumes, my legs are literally burning feeling like they are on fire. I immediately get a rash up to my knees. Thankfully, I only did half my legs to start. Here I am, ready to pass out and I can't get my legs to stop hurting. So I rush over and open the door to get fresh air.

#3. Of course, with my entire body in agony at this point, how in the world was I suppose to sleep?! I laid there for hours, and I was so anxious because I had my hair appointment early in the morning etc. Let's just say, I didn't get any sleep that night.

#4. Because I was so overly tired and exhausted from the pain, I was pretty panicked in the morning. I couldn't find the slip to my dress, I didn't have time to get my make up done. And when it was time to leave for the Temple, I hop in the back seat of my parents car and start bawling. They question what is wrong. I told them, "I don't want to get married today. Today is a very bad day". My parents asked, "C, are you sure? You don't want to be married? Is something wrong? Do you feel like it's not right?" Boy did I have some explaining to do. As I'm there bawling my eyes out explaining to them my torturous night they do their best to calm me down. Then I cry even harder because we were 5 min from the Temple and my eyes and face were all messed up and I had to put my make up on. *exhale* T tried calling me and I ignored it. Texting him I explain I am bawling and can't speak. Well gosh, that didn't help the poor guy. He asked me if everything was okay and I told him that I was excited to marry him but that I wasn't having a good morning. lol

He was so sweet as he embraced me at the doors of the Temple. He hugged me, told me softly in my ear how much he loved me and that no matter what had happened, everything was going to be better now. That cheered me up and I went on my way to get changed, and do my make up.


  1. I thought you did your make-up while I did your hair bright and early that morning!

  2. I did my face make up but not my eye make up..and then I ruined it when I cried! lol