Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last night as a Miss

April 10th 2009

What a celebration! The P & S family would be reunited once again, after so many years. I think our Dad's were looking forward to it the most. (Though they had just seen each other a fewweeks prior) All brothers and sisters would all be together, except for T's brother and his family who were stationed in Germany with the Air Force, on top of that, T's sister in-law was waiting to have her 4th baby so she had her hands tied. My younger brother was serving a mission in Peru. So, all but them. We missed them dearly, but we knew this was the right time to be married.

The night before our wedding everyone met up at the house T's family stayed at. We first ate lunch, us girls went out for a bit and I enjoyed my last day as a single lady!
(Ignore the fact my eyes are closed)

T came back from snowboarding with my brothers (I gave him plenty of speeches not to do anything stupid, for, it was the eve of our wedding! Can you imagine having to cancel a wedding due to the fact the groom broke something the day before? lol) and it was a happy reunion. Here is T's older sister and her husband! They are so awesome and are currently the only ones left in Birmingham, AL. What can we do to get them out of there, and move west?

T's family in Germany were very anxious to see everyone all together. So we made sure to have a few skype sessions during the activities!

After dinner, (which I do not have photos of!) T's Mom surprised us with something I wish they would do every year on our anniversary! lol But we are so very grateful for it and it sure helped pay our way through our honeymoon!

T's Mom asked everyone who was going to be at our party if they would like to donate any little (or big) cash that they had to us. Wow! But, it wasn't going to be that easy. T and I were blindfolded as everyone distributed all the money into easter eggs and hid them all over the house.

The race was on!!!!!

I don't remember to this day, who won but I do know we were
both very grateful. Thankfully, we like to share things so it doesn't really matter who won, right? For those who are wondering, we found over $600!!! Sweet! Thank you to everyone who made it a fun night!

A night isn't over until we make a McDonalds run. And we did just that. After my brother showed up we went on a little adventure. Yum.

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